Birthday week

My birthday is this Saturday. I’m going to be 18 (x2).  I’m excited to have a fun time with my family, but don’t expect it to be too much different from any other weekend with my family, except for the fun sushi dinner with some of our friends.  I am so happy and excited to have so many good friends in my life and feel so blessed! I can’t wait!!!

There has been progress on my health front.  I’m getting the mass in my uterus removed next week.  I spent the morning at the hospital doing pre-op tests.  So, once that is done, the doctor may have some insight as to whether the mass is from the miscarriages or if it is what caused the miscarriages.  Either way, it’s a step forward and I’m looking forward to that.

Adventures in potty training aren’t going so well.  We tried going to school with underwear today, since she seems to be more likely to tell us when she has to go potty more when she’s wearing them.  She stayed dry in underwear for almost a week now.  I still can’t get her to do her stinkies in the potty, but that will take a while, I’m sure.  But, after just 30 minutes at school, she wet her pants.  Plus, her stinky was due, so I just put the diaper back on her.  She’s not quite ready yet, I guess.

One more thing … everyone in the Orlando area … go out to and get your tickets for the Orlando Chili Cookoff.  I will be cooking my Barracho Chili as Beauty and the Beans, and will need all the support (votes) I can get.  Your admission fee goes to charity, so it’s win/win for everyone!